Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vital Child Custody Guidelines Fathers Should Not Ignore

It would be nice if fathers had a copy of "The Official Child Custody Guidelines" to read before they went to court for custody of their child. Unfortunately, there is no set child custody guidelines spelled out in any law book for fathers to read. Therefore no such book exists. It's hard being a father going to court to get custody of your kids, ill prepared and fearing the unknown. This article will give you tips to follow before you go to see the judge and have a long child custody battle on your hands.
Be Accessible
The judge is going to look at your work schedule to ensure you have the time to raise your child. If you travel for your job and are out of town 3 days a week, this really stacks the deck against you. Simply put, a typical 9 to 5 job (or 7 to 5 for most of us) is suffice. The judge just wants to make sure you are available for your child and that you have the time in your schedule to devote to your child.
 Your Past Criminal Record
Hopefully you don't have a past criminal record. If that's the case then you can just skim over this section. However, if you've had some run is with the law (in a negative way) then make sure you address this with your lawyer before you go to court. Because believe me, your ex-wife will bring it up and the judge will look into it further.
 Positive Re-enforcement Issues
All healthy families have disciplinary guidelines. It's normal. However, if you are the type of father to reach for your belt every time your child is out of line, then the judge will certainly frown on this. Also, make sure the environment you have your child in as the primary care giver is free of negative influences. This would include hostility towards your ex-wife. So be civil with her for here on out.
 How's Your Character?
Our youth is so easily influenced these days with who's on the cover of the magazines or who's the next great signer, that they need a person with a positive and strong character in their lives. Hopefully that person is you. If you have a good job, are a non-smoker, non-drinker and you go to church every Sunday, then the odds of you winning a custody battle are greater than the person who is on unemployment, drinks, smokes and never goes to church. Does that make sense? So the perfect candidate would be one who works full time, has time to coach his kid's soccer team, has weekends off, goes to church regularly and has a clean background.
However, the perfect father figure hasn't existed since the show Leave It To Beaver, so don't beat yourself up over it. But did you know that most fathers lose child custody cases simply because they were ill prepared, not because they were bad parents? Don't let that happen to you. Get prepared before you ever go to court and get everything you should know about child custody BEFORE you go to court by visiting Child Custody Guidelines. Don't let your ex-wife take advantage of you in court. Get the facts you need now.

Child Custody For Fathers - Know Your Rights

In recent times cases of child custody for fathers are becoming a lot more common, as the courts are increasingly placing more emphasis on the child's best interests rather than automatically awarding custody of the child to the mother in case of a divorce. This does not mean that things have gotten automatically easier for fathers. Family courts still view the mother as the main caregiver and tend to be biased towards the mother of the child whenever a custody dispute takes place. But there are certain things that you, as a father, can do in order to protect your fathers custody rights.
While Child Custody For Fathers Has Gotten Easier, It Is Far From Being A Walk In The Park
The best way to settle a custody case is to be able to reach a mutual agreement between both parties. Although this can happen sometimes, it is not always the case when a custody dispute arises. Due to this, you will need to get all of the resources possible in order to achieve child custody for fathers. Getting custody of your child will mean convincing the court that you are the most stable parent and can provide the best environment for the child to grow up in. Once again, this is likely not to be an easy battle to win. Some mothers have been known to use various "dirty" tricks in order to get one over the father of their children. This involves things such as fabricating allegations of child abuse, violence or neglect.
In the face of this, how do men get child custody for fathers? The best thing to do is to be prepared when you show up in court. Do not simply rely on your attorney to do everything for you. While a lawyer can be a useful tool and can provide some great advice in a custody case, YOU are the one who knows the most about your unique circumstances and how they apply to your case. A good thing to do is to start documenting all of the time that you spend with your children and any dealings that you have with your ex-wife. This can be very useful to establish the fact that you are acting as a responsible parent and are able to better represent the best interests of your child. It will be even more useful if you have been falsely accused of being violent, unstable or otherwise being a bad example for your child.
Many fathers ask themselves the question as to where they can find the right information on child custody for fathers. While an attorney that specializes in divorce and child custody issues is an expert on applicable laws in your jurisdiction as well as court proceedings, there is nothing that is stopping your from doing some independent reading on the subject of child custody for father's. The more information you have at your disposal, the better prepared you will be in the court room. The links below contain some material that has helped countless fathers secure their custody rights. Why not check it out today and see how useful it can be?
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